Why Specify Silver-Sweet® Galvanized Bucket Elevators

All of Sweet’s equipment, including bucket elevators, are made of galvanized steel for maximum life and minimal maintenance with bolted assembly for easier installation.

The static conducting oil and fire resistant rubber belting is engineered to exact strength (PIW) requirements. Heavy-gauge trunking provides structural support at all discharge heights and the continuous weathertight lockseam construction is ideal for most needs. 

The galvanized trunking flanges are welded in a precise fixture for cost savings during erection and trunk sections stack straight with safety labels appropriately applied throughout the bucket elevator. With accurate capacity ratings, easily accessible service panels for belt and bucket maintenance, and a tapered boot hopper to ensure maximum bucket flow, we've got you covered. 

All galvanized, standard Silver-Sweet® bucket elevators include lagged head pulley, lockseam dual-flanged legging, easy access service door, tapered inlet hopper, and Sweetheart™ steel elevator buckets. Capacities 350 - 55,000 BPH (9 - 1,397 MTPH).

The Titan Series

The giant of the Silver-Sweet® bucket elevator line. Developed, engineered and designed for the most demanding service and performance in high volume, bulk material handling requirements through terminal elevators. Titan models have multi-row exclusive 9 inch projection buckets in a staggered arrangement with fire resistant static conducting belting.

Standard equipment includes head pulleys with 42” diameter fabricated steel double drum units with taper bushings and replaceable slide lagging. Rugged head construction of heavy gauge galvanized steel with interior portions of the head assembly lined with replaceable bolted panels of abrasive resistant materials such as polyurethane, ceramic chip urethane or A.R. steel. Head bearings are heavy-duty adaptor mounted, double row spherical roller bearings for long life.

Sweet partners with its customers to create value through integrated, flexible solutions and also provides customers with a multi-lingual staff, assistance with equipment selection and project layout/design, installation referrals, financing options, and long standing industry relationships.

There are countless reasons why it's Sweet!

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Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevator
Elevadores De Cangilones Silver-Sweet®
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