“RB” Flite-Veyors® feature round bottom “U” trough design for those applications requiring thorough cleaning of the conveyed product from the housing. This is particularly important when conveying material of different types to prevent cross-contamination from one run to the next. Round bottom conveyors are designed to operate horizontally or at inclines up to 45° (some material to 60°). 

The all galvanized steel construction resists rust, corrosion, and costly maintenance making it the best value in the industry. Covers are hip roof design to help prevent water or moisture accumulation.

Other Flite-Veyor® features:

  • A wide range of capacities is possible by selection of trough size and chain speed.
  • Heavy-duty chain and UHMW polyethylene replaceable flights create positive “enmasse” material flow, reducing friction with no metal-to-metal contact.
  • UHMW chain return sprockets permit smooth operation.

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Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Drag Conveyors
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