Goliath® all galvanized bolted support towers offer convenience and safety. 20’ and 10’ high modules with footplate connection require no field welding. Optional service platforms, stairs, and rest platforms.

The use of towers to support one or more bucket elevators, plus accessories, has become popular for more than one reason. While some bucket elevators are self-supporting of their own vertical load, including weight of bucket contents, they must be laterally secured by either guying or tying into existing vertical structures such as concrete silos, head houses, or structural steel supports such as towers (but never to corrugated bins which expand, contract, and flex when filled or emptied).

Goliath® II all galvanized bolted support towers offer convenience and safety

Selection of the standard Goliath® II tower is easy ... the standard models provide a range to accommodate a variety of casing profiles, as well as available space around the elevator. All Goliath® II models are designed in 20' and 10' high modules, providing a wide selection to meet necessary requirements while utilizing standard components. The Goliath® II base stage has a welded plate suitable for anchoring to the foundation. All models have been designed and engineered in cooperation with professional structural engineering consultants.

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support tower
Torres de Soporte Goliath® II
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