The Sweet Story: Quality Material Handling Equipment and Superior Customer Service

Dean Sweet
W. Dean Sweet, Founder (1928-2005)

In 1955... soon after our founder, W. Dean Sweet, graduated from The Ohio State University, the young man organized a team of associates to create Sweet Manufacturing Company. The company was dedicated to innovation and change in a well established industry. After more than sixty years, this family business is still "family-oriented" with long-term, loyal employees. Their many contributions became agents for change and progress. Today, Sweet continues to look toward the future!


Development and production of the "Sweetheart®" elevator buckets was introduced with fabrication in mild steel and stainless steel. Original brochures and advertisements of this bucket featured a photo inset of the founder's daughter Alicia as "Miss Sweet."

In 1968, Sweet Manufacturing Company began production of its "premium" line of galvanized bucket elevators. It was so well received that the painted line was discontinued the following year. A trademark was granted for "Silver-Sweet®" bucket elevators. Additionally, the expanding fertilizer and chemical industries required stainless steel bucket elevators. W. Dean Sweet added a line of stainless steel models under the Silver-Sweet® trademark.

The Silver-Sweet® trademark is a validation within our industry that W. Dean Sweet was the true pioneer and innovator of all galvanized bucket elevators. This product remains the foundation for Sweet Manufacturing Company today, and all Sweet® products are produced using USA prime galvanized steel, resulting in "The Quality Line" of bulk material handling and conveying equipment.


The 70's brought additional new products and registered trademarks. Flite-Veyor® drag conveyors, Goliath® support towers, Silver Span® conveyor support systems, Silver Grip® multi-purpose galvanized grating, Silver Stairs®, and circular bin stairs became a part of the product line. The gold crown, an important part of the company logo and heritage, became a part of six of the unique trade names, representing the foundation for the company and defining the core values that have been in place since the inception of the business. These trade names are still recognized throughout the world today.


With the acquisition of Bonded Machine Company in 1985 and its 50-year reputation in the industrial market, Sweet Manufacturing complemented its product line with belt conveyors and industrial bucket elevators. Various types and models were designed to meet the needs of many industries. All incorporated galvanized steel fabrication and construction and were designed with commonality of parts to improve efficiency and create cost savings in the manufacturing process.


New generation changes continued in the 90's. In 1996, with a college degree and subsequent years of employment in various areas of the company, Alicia Sweet Hupp was named as President and Chief Executive Officer. Along with a dedicated management staff and team, they initiate innovation and comprehend changing technology. This remains the philosophy of the "Sweet" team. Also added was the latest technology, and computerized systems in engineering, manufacturing, and communication. The global market was supported through a multilingual staff, literature, website, and e-mail.

Also introduced in the 90's was the CalorMatic® heat processor. Originally developed to roast soybeans and grain, a wide range of models is also used in processing and sterilizing eggshells, birdseed, nuts, and waste material. New applications are constantly being researched and developed.

In 1998, Sweet was selected for the first time to receive the Ohio Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award ("E" Award). This prestigious award recognized Sweet, among companies of all sizes that have shown superior performance in exporting or heightened awareness of exporting as a vital component of the Ohio economy.


With the new millennium, Sweet Manufacturing continued to bring innovation and technology to its vast customer base...a new generation to serve a new era of productivity and progress. With increased capacity requirements from end-users, Sweet added the 26 and 33 series of drag conveyors to the existing Flite-Veyor® line. Enhancements were also made to the Goliath® support tower, and the Goliath® II was introduced during this time period. 

Foremost in the continuing objectives was the expansion of markets both domestically and internationally. For more than 60 years, Sweet® equipment and products have provided superior quality and enduring performance to customers around the world.

The manufacturing facility and processes experienced growth during the later part of the first decade of the 2000's. New equipment, improved plant layout, and facility expansions were implemented. All of these led to improved efficiency and a foundation for future growth. The new equipment purchases included a 175-ton Cincinnati Press Brake and a 135-ton Cincinnati Press Brake.

In 2005 and 2009, Sweet was again selected for the prestigious Ohio Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award ("E" Award). This illustrious recognition continues to affirm the commitment that Sweet has made to its international markets.


With increased demand for Sweet® products requiring reduced delivery lead times, Sweet invested in a new 2500 Watt Laser with an automated load/unload tower which enables manufacturing to produce parts "lights out." A new automatic pivot style band saw was acquired, and our heritage bucket elevator production fixtures and lines were revamped to ensure continued precision manufacturing of this product line.  

This time period has seen the introduction of the Flite-Veyor® 12 series flat bottom horizontal drag conveyors, a new higher capacity incline Flite-Veyor® drag conveyor 26 series, and the enclosed belt conveyor for handling capacities up to 72,000 BPH (1,900 MTPH). These products were developed and introduced to meet the ever-changing customer requirements within the bulk material handling markets.

Additionally, enhancements were made to our industrial bucket elevators for improved sealing and gentler handling of frac sand and other related industrial products. During this time, more and more of our product lines, including bucket elevators, belt and chain conveyors, support systems, and bin gates, were being supplied to the industrial markets in sectors such as cement, sand and gravel, aggregates, foundries, rock products, wood processing, furniture manufacturers, mining, and minerals and food processors, to mention a few. 

The Sweet employees work each day to uphold the company reputation as "The Standard of the Industry" providing customers with "The Quality Line" of bulk material handling equipment. Sweet continues to be formally recognized during this time period with awards including: Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing, U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate, and Dayton Business Journal Manufacturing Award for Exporting.  


Our FacilityYou can find Sweet® equipment in more than 55 countries covering 6 continents all around the world. Sweet® equipment is prominent in North, Central, and South America, particularly the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Additionally, Sweet will be expanding in Eastern Europe and Asia. Key countries of recent expansion are Romania, Ukraine, and Russia. Continued geographical expansion will be a vital part of the future.

Companies from all over the world have been long-time users of Sweet® products. Our customer list includes: Cargill, Anheuser-Busch, GLC Minerals, Gerber Feeds, Lind Marine, Pillsbury, Dow Chemicals, Andersons, Hancock Lumber, Ballas Egg, Archer Daniel Midland, Pitmann Family Farms, Ready Mix Concrete, Backus, Pilmico, Quality Roasting, Sidney Sugars, Corinth Wood Pellets, Dipasa, Proan, Braum Dairy, Sun Foods, Kasavi Comercial, San Fernando, Kernel, Bila Tservka, Firestone, Source Energy, Mor-Agra, Semillas Seleccionadas del Yaqui, Gelhar Sand, Copeval, Anita Foods, Smurfit Stone, Cuenca del Salado, Oregon Resources Corp., Bachoco, Nevada Gypsum, Nutrimex, Bunge/Prio, Renew Energy, Harden Furniture, Gulf Cement Co., Aceitera General Deheza, Price Minerals, Martigs Farms Bird Seeds, and American Colloid.